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new to snow removal need advise

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  • new to snow removal need advise

    Hi looking for info on what to charge for mainly drivways. Also when is a good time to go out once it is snowing? After 1/2 inch? then do I charge ever 2 inches? how it work? Thanks

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    It depends on what your market will bear. On average I'd say say single car drives should bring between $25.00 and $40.00. I have a $35.00 minimum on driveways and they go up from there depending on difficulty.

    Most people won't want you plowing a 1/2". I plan on plowing once it gets to 2" but can usually push about 6" or slightly more with no problems. Pricing strategy varies among plowers. Some do it by the inch, some base it on the entire job and others base it by the hour or multiple of all three.

    Plowing can be expensive so don't short change yourself when settiing your prices. You will have equipment to repair or replace. If you don't compensate yourself adequately you won't be in businss very long. Remember, customers have two choices. they can pay you what you want to plow it or they can shovel it. If you keep your price competitive you should have no problem getting customers. I suggest you search out one of the snow plowing forums and check it out. There's tons of information there and you should be able to find answers to your questions.

    Depending on your market, most guys base their pricing between $75.00 and 125.00 per hour. I use $125.00 because I can get it here. Some guys plow for less but they are letting money on the table.