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First Cancellation of the year

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  • First Cancellation of the year

    Hello All

    We just had are first cancellation this year when I gave the Clients there bill for dec this was a bill for$175 for 7 snow removal .This is a residential account, they think they are paying a lot of money but we can not do the job for nothing. So should we get there money every time we blow or do you think we should try to figure it out for the season. I was just wondering if any body know what the average plowing times is for London Ontario Canada .Would you think 25 to30 plows for the season or is that to high.

    Thanks Kevin

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    Ditch em. Why go through the trouble? Continue as normal.
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      Originally posted by MASTERMOWER View Post
      Ditch em. Why go through the trouble? Continue as normal.
      What he said. Kick em to the curb.
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        For $25 per visit? thats a joke. I assume in Canada you got some real snow up there, so they should beat it. I hate cheap azz people sometimes. They knew how many times you went there as I would assume they saw or heard you. Didnt bother to say anything then?

        I remember once when I was plowing out a residential and there was 5 inches of snow on a 1/4 mile private road. I get just about done and the lady opens up the window and says "You think we really need to be plowed?" I said "Uh yeah there is 5 inches of snow, but it is up to you" She says "Nah i dont think so" After I was just about done. I had a blade full of snow in the middle of the driveway, I immediately picked up the plow and left that pile right in the middle of the driveway. I was pissed. I got a note from them saying they couldnt afford my service as they are on a budget. F U!!! Later on beotch! I dont need that aggravation. I plow out a gas station, drop salt and no one says a damn thing.....EVER!


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          Cancellation Charge

          Customers come and go. Alway's be sure to have a contract with an early canellation charge. Just like a cell phone.