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Great Way to Pick Up Snow Accounts

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  • Great Way to Pick Up Snow Accounts

    Years ago when I first started offering snow removal services I had no idea what I was getting myself into. Fast forward almost 25 years and I still often question my own sanity at times for not living in a warmer climate.


    When I first got started, I did not have a lot of clients. I was foolish I guess. I didn't think it would be very competitive, or at least not as competitive as the lawn and landscape side of the business. Big mistake. I learned that anyone with 4 wheel drive and a snow shovel was competition.

    Something I did years ago - and still do today, is seek out the obviously neglected driveways, parking lots and even sidewalks.

    If they are right next to or close by one of our existing accounts, the crew leader knows to quickly clear the area and drop off a business card in the door or front desk stating this 1st time was on us and if they are interested in a more frequent service, the price is listed as well.

    I'd say it develops new business at least 50% of the time.

    I know snow removal is a time game - there is never enough, but if it makes sense and you need more work, give it a shot. It works.