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    Are welcome to ask the Pros questions about Lawn Service, Landscaping & what kind of equipment is best to use.
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    Allow me to translate.

    Homeowners and Property Managers are welcome to come on the site and ask about the cheapest way to accomplish a second-rate landscape job. Also, feel free to whine about your current service and ask us how to motivate your awful landscaper/lawnmower into being more productive for you and possibly even doing a few things for free.

    If you are so inclined, you may also ask why we charge $30 to mow a property in 15 min or less. We know - it is outrageous.


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      Maybe discount to them if your company already's got customers within a quarter mile or they bring in the entire commercial site or homeowners association, true we see what you mean.
      No bonus in it for the LCO, otherwise .

      As long as property managers and homeowners realize that they get what they pay for( the Low bid ), and pay for what they get from a real company like Allan's and Somm's, the relationship here will be mutually respective between us all.

      And a word of good will to save all our mutual times reading/re-reading of these items - please homeowners and property managers ( being property managers, ourselves b.t.w.) obtain your basic nuts ands bolts landscaping information ahead of all your posts from either your favorite site-member's private message mailbox or your own respective local garden center who sells plantstock, hardscapes, sod, and basic items like fertilizers, seed, soil amendments, and mulches required for their installation and maintenance - who are paid on an hourly basis to get you well-versed in basic answers to these type of basic questions in greater detail than what we all have time to read about or answer here, thanks in advance .

      Because this website community is a Pro's Forum - let's get you your best answer from the Pro's in a timely manner, shall we?. It will do wonders when you're asking better questions of us Pro's.

      Welcome to the Forum, and bring on those questions !
      Great Idea GM !
      Are you sure you are charging enough to include your debt service, maintenance/rental/lease/replacement, insurance, licensing, marketing, materials, payroll, permits, real live union-made US postage, retention of customers, safety equipment, taxes and uniformed work clothes into what you do everyday???
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