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Leveling yard, couple ?s

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  • Leveling yard, couple ?s

    I am posting here because this is on my own lawn. I am going to level my front yard and had some questions. I have bermuda and it is going dormant right now and was wondering if I should wait to do this until spring or go ahead and do it now? I plan on just cutting the yard down some and see where all the burn marks are and filling in those areas. I have to cut my yard at about 4" for it not to scalp and that leaves huge tire marks and I think that looks bad. SO I have been putting this off for a while becasue I don't have heavy duty equipment, it will be just me and a shovel. Does anyone have any suggestions on this, what to use like sand or topsoil, etc...


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    If it were my lawn, I would wait until spring just for cosmetic reasons. It's going dorment so you'll have bare spots until spring. Just my thoughts.


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      if you have a ztr or small pick-up truck and the soil is loose or sandy take a section of chain link fence put a few cinder blocks or big rocks in it and just drag it around the yard a while. just like an old ballfield it will level it out. it will also remove most of the grass so be prepaired to re seed next spring.

      we used to use 6x6" or an old railroad tie set on top of it. you want to till it up a little bit drill a whole thru it and run some rebar so it prtrudes about 6 inches and space them about 4" apart. cheap tiller......