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  • Landscape Design Revision


    I am new in this business and I just want to ask anyone who has the time to answer

    A client is asking me to revise the design after the work was done. We never had any agreement about revision, what would you do in this situation?


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    Re: Landscape Design Revision

    Landscape design should never be treated as 'once and done.' Expect at least one revision to be made, which should be built in with your design fee. This revision should be explicitly stated as being included in the design package, but any subsequent revisions thereafter will be extra. Here in Poverty, we don't even charge for landscape design work simply because no other companies here do. It's a damn vicious cycle I suppose. We have to make up for the loss of no design charge in other ways.
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      Re: Landscape Design Revision

      Sounds fair on including one extra revision in the package as the client might not get the impression he is expecting.