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Bad Boy 28 hp Diesel

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  • Bad Boy 28 hp Diesel

    Purchased 2 - 28 hp Diesel bad boy mowers. First week had deck pulley bearing go out on one mower. Hydraulic leak on the other mower and paint cracking off about the size of a .50 cent piece. My dealer fixed my deck pulley but still have hydraulic leak. I mow commercially, had mowers a month now and some exhaust guard bolts vibrate out. Called bad boy mowers stated they would send me some bolts under the warranty but the paint they would sell to me for 13.99 per can. Will be talking to my dealer to get hydraulic leak fixed. Like my mowers and would buy another one. The diesel is great on fuel, less than a gallon per hour. They cut good, ride great. Very pleased with all except the leak and the paint cracking on one mower. Will be writing more reviews as the 2011 mowing season goes on. Hope this helps with anyone wondering about the bad boy mowers. Oh yeah, the price is great on these mowers for what you get compared to others. Tried them all!!