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Re-shiv of Great Dane Super Surfer

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  • Re-shiv of Great Dane Super Surfer

    I realizethat this might be a litle dorky, but I have a Grea Dane Super Surfer 61 and I want more blade speed out of it. I'm thinking about re-shiving it to get maybe 10-15% more blade speed at a given RPM. Anyone ever try this? Seems like it could be the ticket

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    Not sure, may loose some torque, but I like the idea...

    Would you change the drive sheave, or each blade sheave?


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      I was thinking the drive sheave, that way if it sucks, it will be easy to go back. I've got a bunch of woody, stout weeds that grow in my field and it seems like a faster blade would be the trick for them. Its rare that I feel like the engine is really working hard, so it seems like it would work. I will report back after I've done it


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        19000 feet per second. Any faster than that and you wont be coming back here to tell us how you exceeded the speed of sound.

        NOT recommended.

        This is a great chance to cause serious injury and death is more likely. If you have to ask this question here- you aint got the chops to THINK about attempting it.

        Not being a dick or even trying to. SERIOUSLY not a DIY....

        I have done this, but will not share.
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