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New 'Magnum' BR600 vs Old version

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  • New 'Magnum' BR600 vs Old version

    If you talk to the Stihl factory rep he says the new one is completely redone-can anyone tell the difference? Is the new version any better then the origional BR-600s?
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    Originally posted by buster57 View Post
    ............ Is the new version any better then the origional BR-600s?
    Yes, it is.............. they have 2 fuel pick ups instead of 1, slightly different straps with logo/back pad, new harder valves and easier to adjust tube with tapered tip.

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      Can anyone tell?

      We run both on a daily basis. Can I tell a difference? Hardly. I had problems with the fuel lines breaking on an old (now unused) BR600, straps going to ****, and valves acting up, so I can see why improvements were needed...but performance wise it's hard to tell much (if any) difference.

      PS: I prefer the old nozzle. New tapered design is stupid and isn't holding it's position well on my Magnum.
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