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  • New Bob-Cat Fastcat Pro

    I bought a new 52 inch Bob-Cat Fastcat Pro this season to replace my 2003 Exmark Lazer Z HP. The Exmark is still in pretty good shape but the engine is tired at 1900 hours and was becoming unreliable for warm starts. I like to stick with the small framed machines for agility and less impact on lawns. The only problem is that with the lighter machines comes less traction, which was an issue with the Exmark and is more of an issue with the Bob-Cat, being about 200 pounds lighter than the Exmark. Or maybe it's the new style tires on the Bob-Cat.

    The Bob-Cat is at the dealer today for routine transmission service. You need to have the dealer service it at 70 to 100 hours to maintain the transmission warranty.

    I'll post some pictures when (if) I figure out how to post them on this site and try to give more of a review of the Bob-Cat, but overall it's a good and productive unit with no issues to date at 76 hours on the clock, other than traction.

    It appears there's no way to directly upload photos, but only links to photos hosted on a third party site?

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    Re: New Bob-Cat Fastcat Pro

    I've only seen others link to third party sites.

    Maybe you can look into some higher traction tires for the new bobcat? Avoid the cheap chinese ones, they'll blow out on you and won't offer the good traction.

    Maybe look around ebay/amazon or find someone who knows more about them. What kind of grade are you planning to be mowing on?


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      Re: New Bob-Cat Fastcat Pro

      These are the tires it came with. Zero-T.

      I mow all sorts of slopes being that I mow professionally. I also have a 48 inch walk behind and I use that on the really dicey slopes anyway.

      The tires do indeed hold well when traversing hills sideways as the manufacturer claims but for stopping, turning and going down slopes the traction is pretty marginal. And as the manufacturer claims they don't rip up turf much, but that's because they can't, lol. It appears to me that they're designed more of a turf-saver tire. They will spin pretty easily even on dry pavement. No idea how they increase the speed of a mower by 1mph?

      I just have a hard time justifying replacing the tires on a new machine. They aren't exactly cheap. I still have the original Turf Master tires on my Exmark at 1900 hours and I was happy with them. Perhaps after I put a rear bagger on the Bob-Cat the extra weight will give me some extra traction.