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  • Dual Use SUV

    Looking at buying an SUV for some pulling 1 60" ZTR & 40" belly dragger on a tandem trailer. Budget is $13K for SUV. Looking for recommendations. I'm thinking getting something sans towing package and putting one on with the theory that whatever miles it has they wouldn't be towing (I knw, I knw, that wouldn't stop someone from towing anyway). Literally don't know how much business I'll end up with, moving to another state. Other possibility is to beat the colorado to death with a lighter trailer then get something to match the level of business.

    I have a Chevy Colorado xtracab, but won't that be too small for this? I didn't buy the thing, wouldn't have, didn't even know they made 1/4 ton anything till I inherited it... The SUV is for increased PAF. (Partner Acceptance Factor)
    The alternative is a pickup - same $13K.