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    Hi guys just to let you know that John Kavli has come out with a new mower blade called the finisha not bad at all if they work half as good as the original that would be great. Can some one tell what they think of them they seem to be a finishing blade.

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    I seen a picture of them, look like regular high lift blades.


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      Hi ARN Greencare I am not sure whether you are looking at the right blades these blades have a 90 degree winglet to the ground and a high lift.


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        Maybe I wasn't looking at the right blade. I ran some ultra high lift years ago, and have a set on a walk behind right now that have a wing that stands straight up. Which would be similar to what you're describing.

        The walk behind seems to stripe better with them than with other blades. But both mowers I tried them on had a big improvement in wet grass performance. The ZTR I tried them on had a noticeable power loss, the walk behind not so much. The ZTR was a 52" Grasshopper with a 25HP Kohler back in 2002. Those old Kohler Commands were gutless anyway in terms of power. The walk behind is a 36" with two blades. I'm thinking the two blades attribute to the lesser power loss.


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          ARN Greencare are you talking about the ultra high lift on the walk behind and the ZTR? I tried some high lift and notched high lift on my Husqvarna and no good. These kavli beast blade out performed my neighbours new scag as a matter of fact he also went and bought some. The kavli finisha I use for home the best mulch you will ever get. Now my neighbours scag is worth about $10-11 thousand my husqvarna about $5 thousand I spent about $450 on blades and saved myself thousands. My husqvarna has the fabricated deck and really can't cut anything well above 6 inches now it cuts anything it can push over and leaves a fine mulch. Mike from ( Something 2lookat ) has done a review on them on youtube. Cheers.