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Honda HRC 216 trans maintenance

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  • Honda HRC 216 trans maintenance

    To my amazement I found out that I did no maintenance to my Honda 15 years...
    I was told this is not uncommon (sometimes stupidity is contagious?) Anyone else have this problem? I am replacing two parts , using Stihl gear grease and have already
    changed all my equipment over to synthetic oil.
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    Hello buster57,

    I'm glad your happy with your Honda HRC 216. As far as I know there's very little maintenance on the transmissions on them.

    Every once in a while you might have to replace one of the drive cables, clean & sometimes repair the rear wheel ratchet assemblies. If your rough on the engaging the SP drive you might have to work on the drive shaft. I doubt your rough on the engaging the self propel (because you paid for it). Employees are bad about engaging the drive while still rolling backwards, like coming off the trailer or just not giving that extra second for it to stop rolling backwards then engage.

    buster57, it was nice hearing form you, I hope all is well with you & yours!
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