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    Changed the engine on my 1995 ex-mark to a new Kawasaki. Could not get it started. I jumped out the safety s so that I could cut the lawn and two years later, I am still running without them. Today was my last day running like that after I put the brakes on to move a rope from the dog line and almost got knocked over by the mower then getting a piece of my boot taken off by the new blades that I put on today. I tested all three safeties and they tested good with a ohm meter both engaged and not engaged. Now I tested all of the terminals on the module and they all are open when tested against the ground. I see that the part for the 1995 is no longer available and the new one is the plug for the 95 and the newer version of the module that plugs into a socket with 5 prongs. I looked at the wiring diagram and it does not help at all. everything is wired right and the safeties are working in the open and closed positions. Is there a way to test the module before spending 125 dollars??

    Thanks in advance.
    Andy with two feet.

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    That is a good question...