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    I was wondering first off, if most people charge irrigation systems by the zone, which is what i usually do, or if you guys price out area, heads, pipe and such, then get a final price. Also, does it matter if you Mix a full size lawn head with a mid range head, on the same zone, in the same stretch of grass. This job is probably around a 7 to 8 zone system, and the water pressure is fairly high in the area, but not enough to reduce any pressure. Thanks and hope you guys have better ideas than i do.

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    I bid by the zone aswell have done it the other way and works out to be about the same just more work. Yes you can run both on same system just can't mix lawn and shrub or flowers. It is the gal/min per head the is your restrictions.
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      bear what are you charging on average per zone?
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        We have always priced our irrigation by the number of heads. As far as mixing and matching heads, that is fine. Just don't put a rotor on the same zone as a spay head. The precipitation rate is too big of a difference and you'll end up with some areas flooded and other areas dry. Also, don't put shrub and landscaped areas on the same zone as turf.
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