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  • Lawn Sprinkler Issues

    I just put in a sprinkler at my own house and I'm having some issues. I have only done a sprinkler or two so I'm not very experienced. I have 13 zones setup on my property and the sprinkler is run off of a well that is supposed to put out 12gpm.

    I have gone to each individual head on each zone and adjusted the nozzles so that my total zone would put out less water than 12gpm. Clearly it isn't working because after 8-9 zones (each at 4-5 min), the well gets depleted and starts to cycle to finish out the remaining zones and is really hard on the well. What can I or should I do to reduce the volume so that I can run my zones longer? I have new grass and I need more water. Thanks for the help!

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    Re: Lawn Sprinkler Issues

    It's not your irrigation system, it's your well. A well being depleted is cause for concern! Most higher-end irrigation controllers have an option in which you can set a delay (in minutes, or hours if needed) between zones. This feature may allow your well to recharge between running zones. However, it's not a true fix. I would suggest contacting a well company and have them look at your well and as to why you're experiencing.
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      i would recommend you to contact Irrigation Technician near by your area.
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