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    Hi, I'm In the process of getting my fertilizer license and I am gonna start a small business fertilizing lawns. First I'm trying to find a used ride on spreader/sprayer, is there a used lawn equipment website maybe? I also could use some tips on what to charge people for this service. If anyone can help me out with these things I would greatly appreciate it, Thankyou

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    Yes ,Of course blownalcoho1 You can visit this site for lawn equipment.
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      The best recommendation I can give you is to price your services on a cost x 4 business model. So after you add up the cost of chemicals, equipment, & most importantly your time, you need to multiply that number by 4. This will protect your business from all the hidden expenses entrepreneurs encounter.

      Also for low prices on wholesale lawn fertilizers check out


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        It's still hardto beat Craigslist when looking for used equipment. This time of year is when you will see a lot of people unloading equipment inexpensively for a variety of reasons.

        As far as what to charge for your services, the fertilization and weed control business is slightly different due to the margins as well as depending on equipment used, price paid for product, and speed of technician.

        In the end however, it still comes down to making sure you are placing a value on your time, and fulfilling your three obligations as an owner...

        1. Pay your bills
        2. Pay yourself
        3. Make a profit